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The ability to think (or lack of)- Saturday, November 16, 2013

Thinking is the most difficult thing we can ever do!

Whilst growing up we are most often discouraged from thinking - even though our parents and teachers keep telling us 'think first- act after'.

Unfortunately, during school the curriculum almost discourages the children from thinking! A teacher (with 30+ children to control) does not often have time to answer individual queries and would prefer that the child does it the way they have been shown and NOT find alternative methods to do it. 

This is called "parrot fashion learning" and we loose the ability to think for ourselves. We learn as parrots, not questionng or closely examining the merits of the facts we are given. The children are shown the way to do the problem which takes away their problem solving abilities - we need these abilities throughout life!

We all have the ability to think better but we restrict ourselves in our thinking processes with the work we do and the hobbies we partake in.

Using puzzles and brain teasers of every form and style can improve our problem solving abilities and exercise all the various components of our brain.

The PUZZLE PLACE is aware of this and has created puzzles that will use most parts of the brain requiring logic, 3D perception, sequencing, spatial perception and combining these attributes to help everyone think better.

Puzzles are also fun and entertaining! The most fun can be got by challenging someone else attempt a puzzle BUT the biggest challenge is "don't show them how"  This defeats the concept of a puzzle and takes away their patience, perserverance and problem solving abilities. Sometimes, a little hint can be useful to get them thinking in the correct way.

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