The right side of your brain is predominately used to determine shapes and we have a wide variety of designs to challenge the most determined thinker. From flat tangram style puzzles, 3D interlocking puzzles to 'simple' 3D shapes.

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Shape Puzzles

There are a variety of shapes available ranging from four pieces to six pieces, depending on the shape required.
From ¥268 (JPY)

3 Piece Burr

Made from 12mm Birch plywood, this is fun to watch people take apart and then realize that they cannot put it together again.
From ¥795 (JPY)

6 Piece Burr

Simple to take apart - NOT so easy to put together again.
¥1,531 (JPY)

4T's in a frame

An exciting spatial perception challenge to fit the 4 T's flat into the frame in six different pattens
¥1,575 (JPY)

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