Logical for mathematics and the sciences. Used by engineers and accountants

Spatial for geography and the arts. Used by graphic artists, crafters and designers.

Sequential for history, literature, mathematics and the sciences.  The ability to follow a logical sequence of movements to get a       result. Used by mechanics, builders and scientists

Three-dimensional  for technical drawing and geography. Used by designers, architects and landscapers.

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Edutricky puzzles

Specifically designed for the 5 to 10 year old.
From R157.00 (ZAR)

Block 2 Move Puzzle

The challenge is to remove the ring. The beads and strings remain attached. This can be done with two moves.
From R80.00 (ZAR)

Shape Puzzles

There are a variety of shapes available ranging from four pieces to six pieces, depending on the shape required.
From R2.60 (ZAR)

7 Piece Tangram

An ancient chinese puzzle with loads of intrigue.
R86.00 (ZAR)

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