Logical for mathematics and the sciences. Used by engineers and accountants

Spatial for geography and the arts. Used by graphic artists, crafters and designers.

Sequential for history, literature, mathematics and the sciences.  The ability to follow a logical sequence of movements to get a       result. Used by mechanics, builders and scientists

Three-dimensional  for technical drawing and geography. Used by designers, architects and landscapers.

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Cube in a frame

A fun double challenge for all ages to a) build a cube and b) replace the pieces
From £12.86 (GBP)

Towers of Hanoi

Move the column of discs to the other side. Only move one at a time and do not put a large disc on top of a smaller one.
From £10.37 (GBP)

3 Piece Burr

Made from 12mm Birch plywood, this is fun to watch people take apart and then realize that they cannot put it together again.
From £6.19 (GBP)

4T's in a frame

An exciting spatial perception challenge to fit the 4 T's flat into the frame in six different pattens
£12.25 (GBP)

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