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Upright Mk I and Mk II Puzzles

Remove the ring challenge. The Mk I version requires three moves and the Mk II version can be done in two ways, either five or ten moves.

Made from a variety of elegant hardwoods, this can hold a prominent position on the coffee table, pub or office desk.

Very popular as a corporate gift with the company logo laser engraved into the wood. Amuse yourself watching friends, family and
collegues trying to remove the ring.

The Mk 1 challenge requires three moves.

The Mk 2 challenge - interesting in that there are two different methods to solve this puzzle, either 5 or 10 moves.

Level of complexity:

                              MK I      

                              MK II     

Quantities in excess of 4, please contact us via email RE. Pricing structure and delivery period.

Picture of Upright Mk l
Upright Mk l
A three-move challenge to remove the ring. An excellent puzzle for the coffee table.
$1.00 (USD)
Picture of Upright Mk ll
Upright Mk ll
Same price as the Mk1 but a ten-move challenge to remove the ring
$1.00 (USD)
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